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Skydeck Chicago

Here’s the landing page for all of the posts I write during my time as a Skydeck Chicago Ambassador! I’ll be updating as I go, but if you want to make sure to catch everything, you can subscribe to my feed by clicking here. Also, please head over to the Skydeck Chicago Facebook page, click the Ambassador tab, and consider “liking” my bio: we Ambassadors are having a little competition! (I also get points every time someone uses the hashtag #MelisaSkydeck in a tweet, so if you could help me there, it’d be much appreciated!)

And now, from most recent to oldest, here are the posts…

Yoga On (Okay, Near!) The Ledge! (8/15/11): All about the special event I came up with and hosted at Skydeck Chicago!

Chicagonista Live at 103! (8/10/11): I was a guest on the web show “Chicagonista Live”, and then the girls and I jumped on the Ledge for pictures. Yikes!

Breakfast on the Ledge! Yoga on the Ledge! (8/4/11): All about the time my older son and I were treated to a celebrity-like breakfast, all alone on the 103rd floor.

The Welcome Wall: A Skydeck Chicago Tip From #MelisaSkydeck (7/9/11): Instructions for getting an “official” welcome, for all to see!

“My Official Title is Skydeck Chicago Ambassador, But You Can Call Me #MelisaSkydeck” (7/6/11): Here’s a little more about what I’ll be doing this summer, an explanation of how they’ll measure the buzz that we Ambassadors create, and details about using my #MelisaSkydeck hashtag!

“All In A Day’s Work” (6/24/11): The announcement of my ambassadorship and all about my behind-the-scenes tour (including my first time ever on The Ledge) with Skydeck Chicago General Manager Randy Stancik.

Disclosure: As a Skydeck Chicago Ambassador, I am helping to create buzz for Skydeck Chicago during the summer of 2011. I am not being paid money for my involvement, but was given some free passes and the opportunity to have Breakfast on the Ledge.