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Gone Fishing.

I’ve been having a conflict: I wasn’t feeling the energy for blogging this weekend but was also struggling with my commitment (to myself) to participate in NaBloPoMo. I was texting with my friend Vikki, who is an EXCELLENT accountability partner, and she was telling me that she really feels a need to step away as well. We decided to become non-accountability partners and release each other from our NaBloPoMo commitment for the weekend, so we’re both posting this “Gone Fishing” sign. This way we can both in good conscience do some self care and come back a little better on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Gone Fishing

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  • Vikki November 12, 2016, 5:31 pm

    Look at us taking time off! Thanks for the idea.

  • Arnebya November 14, 2016, 2:54 pm

    I was admittedly thrown off course by the election. I felt nothing bad about not posting last week where normally I’d be beating myself up about failing. Psh. I’m good.

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