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Friday Fun

Friday Fun

What a week, am I right?
It’s finally Friday, and I’m shutting down the laptop early in order to get started on the weekend. Here are some great things I read/saw online this week that you should definitely check out:

When You’re Feeling Lost, on Houseful of Nicholes
We’re Tired, on Smacksy
18 Totally Real Conversations Obama and Biden Have Had Since the Election, on Buzzfeed
This Chicago Cubs cartoon that will make any true Chicagoan reach for the Kleenex
All about “Chalking the Bricks” at Wrigley Field (my own pics to come soon!)
We Are the Role Models. Us. Not Them, on Two Cannoli
How to Disagree, by Kid President

I’ll be back tomorrow because NaBloPoMo, but I’m still wishing you an awesome weekend right now because why not? Enjoy!

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